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Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

From Him :)

Hari ini gw nggak akan post tulisan gw sendiri. Bukan gara-gara gw males atau lagi nggak ada ide buat nulis, tapi gara-gara gw harus segera selesaiin draft skripsi dan novel kedua yang masih harus diedit. Sebenernya sih gw pengen banget ceritain apa aja yang gw alamin belakangan ini (dari mulai ke Fantasy Land sampe ultah pertamanya si Eris), tapi apa daya, sebagai manusia tentu saja harus mendahulukan kewajiban, huhuhu *lebay*

Yang gw post sekarang yaitu tulisan Ray yang dia kirim buat gw beberapa hari lalu. It's a very nice surprise, Ray kirim tulisan ini NGGAK dalam rangka apa-apa, alias tiba-tiba. Tapi justru ini yang bikin gw senyum-senyum sendiri dan kangen kalau dia lagi dikantor. Gw baru sadar kalo dia cukup sweet walau jauh banget dari karakter pangeran-pirang-senyum lebar romantis idaman gw, hehe..

Ini dia tulisan asli Ray yang ngegambarin pertemuan pertama kita sampe sekarang:

"There was a time a man met a smart beautiful woman. Found themselves in other way, like facing a part of their half brain. They're meant to be for each other and felt so warm when they talked for hours without realizing they're spent hours at the same spot though they were debating in the first met. They're happy and some other times they fought and argued, they forgot who they were and arguing, so stubborn. Once, the man said that the woman was never growing up and woman said that the man thinks gone so far old. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, moths, years on the same circle of missing, needing, fighting, laughing, crying and loving, they're still falling in love, crazy over them everyday..."

Itu dia. Sederhana, apa adanya. But make me melt. Hmm, that's one of many "reason" why I love him so ;)

17 komentar:

  1. aww, that was really sweet of him
    keep up the romance alive, indi! :)

  2. hehehe.. we will :) thanks for visit my blog, Lulu :D

  3. hihi. so sweet banget ka indi :D

  4. so sweet ya kak! ya ampuuuun aku terharuuuu kapan bisa nemuin cowo yang kaya kak ray! hehehe kak, belum confirm fbku ya?

  5. oh, belum ya? tar ya aku cek. duh, maaf ya masih ketunda..
    btw, thank u. ray tuh sweet, hihihi :)

  6. iya kak, padahal aku terus tunggu :(
    Lydia Oktariani

  7. udah aku app kan sekarang, hihihi.. maaf lama :)
    oya, kalo masih belum, itu artinya full.


  8. Ka sebetulnya, Mika itu asli atau ngga sih ka?? Aku bingungmm

  9. mau liat foto mikaa dongs...
    penasaran tingkat kronis :D

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